RnD Reel Winter 2015 - beta from art2upz | mat3vil on Vimeo.


I’m italian freelance VFX/CG Artist specialized in Fluid, Particles, Dynamic effects, I work for advertising, video corporate, icebreaker and trainning for Oil&Gas or advanced technology. I worked for a bit years in the architectural industry with awards and nominations in this sector. In my free time I create educational material on Computer Graphic field (free with tutorial online and private for different agency) and study new system/workflow.

I’m available for freelance work for temporaney moved or from remote.

My Reel
RnD | Simulation Winter 2015 - https://vimeo.com/156335918
3D Generalist - https://vimeo.com/125014672 (request the password via email - here)
Motion Graphic - https://vimeo.com/97856540 (request the password via email - here)

Additional information on my web site or Youtube/Vimeo Channel/Linkedin profile

Software knowledge

Adobe Creative Suite (After Effects, Dreamweaver, Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop, Premiere Pro), Autodesk 3DS Max, Autodesk Autocad, Autodesk Composite, Chaos Group V-Ray, Blackmagic Design Fusion, Nvidia Mental Ray, McNeel Rhinoceros, NextLimit Real Flow, ProjectLibre (Project Management free software), PTC Creo Illustrate, Side Effect Houdini, Sinti Sati AfterBurn, Sinti Sati FumeFx, The Foundry Nuke, Thinkbox Frost, Thinkbox Krakatoa


supervising, visual effects consulting, technical direction, motion graphic, educational, R&D

More detail on my CV (PDF Version) here

September 2014 – present
VFX’n’GO - Owner
e-learning/video trainings for Visual FX (italian language)

May 2014 (1 week on location)
Sintetik s.r.l. - Verona, Italy
Working on 3D video
my role: Dynamic and animation of cloth and some particles effects

April 2014 (1 week - from remote)
Andrea Ricca - Fisciano (SA). Italy
Working on “Alien Night” - indipendet short-movie by Andrea Ricca
my role: I working on 2-shot (glass fracturing and UFO explosion)

May 2011 – present

Altab.net srl – Prato, Italy

Collaboration as a CG/VFX/Motion Graphic Artist, supervisor 3D department and customer care in the sector of Oil&Gas and Advanced Tecnology. I working/worked on project for Ge Oil&Gas, ABB, Tetrapack Italia and so on...



P.IVA 001317580528

Computer Graphics and Services made in Italy