Matteo Migliorini | 3D/FX TD Artist


If you have question you can contact me - here m (at) mmigliorini (dot) com.


"Who Am I?"

I’m Matteo Migliorini 3D/FX Artist I'm based in Italy, but used to travel. I could cover some roles like supervisor or a producer also. In my recent experience I worked on more different kind of projects (commercials, TV-Show, Movies and video corporate). In my spare time I study new workflow (or skill for improve myself) or create educational material for share my knowledge (see my educational brand VFX'n'GO).

I can work from remote or relocated.

I have over 10 years (since 2004) of experience in various 3D related fields, including arch-viz, advanced technologies, media and entertainment. I have collaborated with many agencies (Altab srl, Ghost VFX A/S, Rainbow CGI Animation Studio, The Mothership, etc...) in some cases I worked like FX Artist, in others like 3D Supervisor and producer.

In this years (with a experiences from that different sector and with a personal background) I can understand and improve some of my personal skills like:

(*) the sense of aesthetic
(*) “how to fix” some problem I can find inside the process
(*) “how to management me and the time”
(*) communication with a different person of team and understand more aspect of process (not only FX, but for e.g., render or compositing)
(*) team work is more important than individual work. A good team helps to grow.

My favorite pipeline is:

Houdini and Nuke, but I love learning new plug-in or tools or tasks if help in my work-flow.

I'm very confident with following software: Houdini, 3DS Max, Fume FX, Krakatoa, Nuke, Wrike, Projectlibre. And confident with: Adobe Creative Suite, Autodesk Maya, Autodesk Composite, Chaos Group V-Ray, Blackmagic Design Fusion, Nvidia Mental Ray, Next Limit RealFlow, Sinti Sati AfterBurn, PTC Creo Illustrate, Thinkbox Frost.

More information about me:


RnD, Making, Video (more videos Vimeo or YouTube):


old works: two video (2011-2015) where I collaborate like 3D Artist, Animator, Compositor and FX Artist for Altab srl...

...and here some older showreel...


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